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Nooo hair, blub!

Sunday, April 26, 2009   |   4 comments

I got my hair cut on Friday, from just-above-bra-strap length to just above shoulder length. I brought a picture of Ms. Heidi Klum sporting the above super cool long choppy bob with me to the hairdressers, and was very clear that the one thing I did NOT want was hair that just sits on the nape of the neck and flicks out of its own accord.

Well, it's not quite what I asked for - in that it's exactly what I wanted to avoid. Yup, it kicks out at the back of my neck. And, while I didn't expect to emerge from the salon in the image of the blonde goddess, I equally didn't expect to to be channelling my inner Claire Danes circa My So Called Life.
Exhausted and frustrated and feeling like a nerdy Samson, I actually broke down crying on Friday night.

I'm still not used to the cut, but I'm going to go product hunting tomorrow to find something to funk it up.

Le sigh.

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  • At 12:59 pm, April 27, 2009, Anonymous annie said…

    my bob has a permanent flick at the back now that it's got a bit longer. It's so annoying because it's the exact length I want it now and if it would just bloody sit right, I'd be a very happy girl. Ah wells.

  • At 11:52 am, April 28, 2009, Blogger cathyfly said…

    Booo Lynnie, my heart goes out to you, I've cried over bad haircuts too. Who did it to you?

    I love that Heidi Klum bob too, colour and cut both. Unfortunately I have the flicky outy hair too! It refuses any attempts to turn the ends under...

    It WILL grow x

  • At 6:29 pm, April 28, 2009, Blogger Lyndar said…

    Annie, that is just typical. Silly hair!

    Cathyfly, got it done with one of the creative directors in Wilde!!! Usual story, looked ok (but have to say, not amaaazing) in the salon and then totally crap when I got home.

    LOL I kept repeating "it's ok, it's only hair, it'll grow back" like a calming mantra on Friday ;) Although am thinking I might actually get it trimmed up another bit to try and do away with the flicky outy renegade hair!

  • At 12:26 pm, April 30, 2009, Anonymous deisegirl said…

    My hair just BALLOONS if I get it cut too short. I've had it thinned out a few times but it's always going to grow back innit? :( I now just keep it below shoulder level.

    Then cut it again 6 months later...v bold..need to start getting it cut more often!


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