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Thank Crunchie it's lunchtime

Monday, June 15, 2009   |   0 comments

Am in really shitty form today.

Am blaming a combination of factors, mostly hormonal and meteorological.

Am trying to think happy thoughts but to be honest I've always been predisposed to reckoning the glass is not just half empty, but is a naff design and is a bit chipped and cracked and probably harbouring TB, so it's not easy for me to go all rainbows and bluebirds.

That takes serious effort when your cartoon equivalent is Eeyore, y'know?

Don't want to let on to Himself that I'm in the throes of (another effing huge monthly) flump, so I'm going to get all self-help-ish and make a list (of course) of things that I'm happy about.

In no particular order:

1. We're going to see Oasis at Slane next Saturday. Am hoping they play lots of Old Stuff as the only new stuff of theirs that I'm familiar with are the singles that have gotten loads of radio airtime. Better organise a download this evening, just incase.

2. The material for Boris' bed re-do arrived on Friday morning. The pattern is retro fabulous ("Very Austin Powers, isn't it?" said Himself's sister yesterday which freaked me right out, so we're going with retro fabulous, 'kay?) but the colour combination of blues and zesty greens keep it fresh (I think). Kind of reminds me of those printed Pyrex dishes that every Irish household used to have.

3. Himself did loads of decorating with me over the weekend. I was thrilled silly. Don't think the telly was on at all in our house between Friday morning and 10pm last night. The dog thought we'd lost the plot altogether.

4. I'm getting a lift home with Himself this evening :)

5. The rain is good for the plants in our back garden. And hopefully will wash some of the accumulated bird poo off the bonnet of my car, because I don't fancy venturing out in the pourings of rain tonight to clean it.

6. I'll never have to sit through Terminator Salvation again. Not even the presence of Christian Bale could save that film - actually, I thought he seriously lacked charisma in the lead role, and I am a Christian Bale fan. I felt there was a palpable sense of smug entitlement between himself and his missus - who is clearly supposed to be the moral compass of the piece, because she's MARRIED. And PREGNANT. And a DOCTOR. And just incase you missed that she's PREGNANT, she wears this stupid above-the-bump, tied-not-belted, can-you-see-that-she's-PREGNANT belt in nearly every scene. Talk about laying it on with a trowel. Enough already! The only characters who evoked any sympathy in me were man-bot Marcus and Resistance rebelette Blair, and actually I wondered what the film would have been like if Sam Worthington had been in the John Connor role. (Sorry Christian.)

7. I have finally got some corkboard to make a recipe board for myself. The plan is to stick it inside the door of the boiler press and pin recipes that I clip from magazines to it in the hope that I'll then actually attempt them. At the moment, they all languish in various folders and piles of paper around the house, where there is little or no chance of me (a) ever finding them when I go looking for them on the spur of the moment or (b) ever bothering to go looking for them.

I feel better already. It's the little things, isn't it?

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