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I could be really predictable and lazy and call this post "XOXO, Gossip Girl"...

Thursday, September 10, 2009   |   1 comments

I caught the tail end of an episode of Gossip Girl last night, my first brush with the series. I guess it's just always clashed with CSI (not Miami) or Ghost Whisperer before, and to be honest I can't really be doing with tellyshows where twenty-somethings pretend to be high school students a lá The OC or Beverly Hills 90210.

So I'm a wee bit late to the GG party. And I'm not sure that I love it, to be perfectly honest: Kristen Bell's voiceover grates on my wick and I don't much care for any of the characters.

The threads are, admittedly, wonderful. I am coveting Blair's wardrobe in a big way - well, the stuff that doesn't look like it was lifted directly from Charlotte of SATC's rail - but sadly am too naturally nerdy to pull off any class of preppy gear without looking like a complete tool.

(Highly gratuitous Chuck Bass photo especially for Kirstie.)

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