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iPhone 3GS: First Impressions

Wednesday, March 31, 2010   |   7 comments

Last Friday, I made a split second decision to go and get myself the iPhone I've been hankering after for months on end. Himself said later that night that the kitchen looked like I'd just dropped what I was doing and headed out the door. Which, um, is pretty much exactly what happened.

Hey, I may be incredibly dithery when it comes to making decisions but once they're made I don't hang around.

I'm mostly delira with my new 16GB toy, but there are a few irksome things about it that I do not love:

1. I bought it in white, thinking that the black was boring and everywhere and very bloke-y and white would be a bit different. However, I now understand that far from having a white-backed phone with a black screen, I have a white-backed phone with a black screen with a great lump of chrome between the two that ticks me off mightily. The black is more streamlined. It is more chic. It is not a teensy bit chavvy looking and way too girly. (It's exceedingly unfortunate that I forgot how much I dislike girly tech gear until after I'd torn open the box.) I dislike the white so much, I have another tab open in Mozilla at the moment to order a cover for it ASAP. Please. Don't make my mistake.

2. The way the SIM card tray works is pure stupid. For my money, it's not a bit intuitive. You get this little paperclip type gizmo that comes complete with a diagram that makes no sense - ok, stick the very tip of it in the little SIM tray hole and... what? Use it as a lever to hoist the tray out from the body of the iPhone? It was only when the paperclip slipped in Himself's hand and was pushed all the way down into the hole in the SIM tray that we totally accidentally figured it out. Oh, it ejects! Great. Next time you're going to be so scabby with your instruction manuals, Apple, maybe don't skimp on the arrows. Or alternatively go all out and use your words.

3. This business of having to hook it up to iTunes to get started is a pain in the hole. I didn't really appreciate that this was a "must do", since the laughably teeny "Finger Tips" quick start guide that comes with the phone makes it look like an optional, wanna-sync-your-music-and-contacts? extra. I brought my iPhone away with me to Galway last weekend where it was about as useful to me as a National Geographic subscription would be to the dog, since I hadn't also brought my haz-iTunes-laptop. I didn't think I needed it. Sure didn't I have a shiny new superPhone?

4. Oleophobic coating my ass. I cannot keep it free of fingerprints, but at least I finally understand my purpose in life: to spend my days in a vicious cycle of wipe/smudge-with-fingerprints/wipe. Aaaah. No amount of handwashing to make sure that every last molecule of natural oil has been stripped away before touching it seems to make a difference. I now have a third Mozilla tab open to look at screen protectors, which I'm hoping will help and which I hear Steve Jones is set to outlaw shortly. And here I thought I was a control freak.

5. It's too wide for me to operate single-handedly - I can't grip it in one hand and use the thumb on that same hand to navigate, which is a first for me. And my hands aren't *that* small.

6. No buttons = no possibility of doing anything without looking at the screen. I used to be able to dial numbers and send surreptitious texts on all my old phones purely by touch.

7. The letters on the keyboard are kinda teeny tiny and very crowded in portrait mode. Even for my fingers, which wouldn't need one of Homer's dialling wands for any other phone.

8. Don't plan on leaving home for more than a couple of hours without your charger. Even with just light to moderate use, I'm only getting one day of battery life - and I'm switching it off completely at night.

Now, according to the online User Guide, my iPhone is missing some stuff. Like, a dock, so that it could stand upright and thus out of the way of scratches when charging or plugged into a computer. And a polishing cloth, so that I would have a dedicated piece of fabric for wiping away those effing fingerprints all the livelong day.

But hey, what am I bitching about? Didn't I get two supremely useful white Apple stickers instead?


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  • At 6:09 pm, March 31, 2010, Anonymous aphrodite said…

    "every last molecule of natural oil stripped away"

  • At 10:20 pm, March 31, 2010, Anonymous Hermione said…

    Oooh, this was a most fortuitous post Lynnie - I have been debating iphone procurement for months! On balance, do you think the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa?


  • At 11:45 pm, March 31, 2010, Blogger Sasha DeBlanzy said…

    This is exactly what I fear is to become of me, right down to the choice of white. I have been smuggly thinking a white iPhone would coordinate so well with my white macbook and I would look like quite the tech savvy fashionista. I shall struggle on with my regular person's phone for a little longer it seems. (I stuck an Apple sticker onto my phone on the off chance someone would mistake it for an iPhone and think I was cool.)

  • At 12:09 am, April 01, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Hermione - I'm a bit on the fence still, to be honest, but I *am* loving having t'Internet at my fingertips at all times. I just sort of wonder if it's a triumph of form over function. (There's no getting away from the fact that it is very cool, though.)

    Sasha - we are definitely on the same wavelength. I was thinking that the white iPhone would coordinate nicely with my future white Mac ;) Maybe if the front screen surround was white on the white phone, it would look better...

    All that said, Himself thinks that the white is deadly so it really is down to personal taste!

  • At 11:17 am, April 01, 2010, Blogger Anneelicious said…

    This is a genuinely useful review! I've been thinking about getting an iPhone since, well forever, and hear rave review from all my Mac-type friends, but no constructive criticism. I'm tied into a contract with 3 until the end of this year anyways so I still have a while to decide.

    I just love the idea off all the apps - have you found any good ones?

  • At 12:35 pm, April 01, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Anneelicious, thanks! I am stoney at the minute so just sticking with free apps - Brizzly is probably the most useful so far. Although it is enabling my Twitter addiction ;) And I *love* the iLevel spirit level, very handy for making sure, er, y'know, stuff is level. Is also good for making Himself jealous heh.

    Am actually in the App Store at the minute, it is a wee bit addictive...

  • At 5:25 pm, April 01, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It took me about a month to fully appreciate my phone. When you build up the apps you have on it. I am at my computer all day so just leave it plugged in/charging via USB.

    I LOVE my iPhone, would be completely lost with out it. Check out the top rated apps on iTunes, Free, paid and hightest grossing. Usually some good ones.

    Some excellent time wasting games etc. I use the maps a good bit too (no sense of direction at all!). Internet, twitter, email, facebook etc.

    One of the best bits is annoying himself when he is SURE he is right (usually in a pub setting) I can google and prove him wrong :)



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