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News from the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. *Faint.*

Thursday, March 11, 2010   |   2 comments

Irish Blog Awards badge

I was offline most of yesterday evening, entertaining Mam and the little sister since it was her birthday yesterday. I was also busy making her birthday card, because both she and Mam are into cards in a big way.

They're the sort of people who will spend ages reading the verses inside of birthday/anniversary/Christmas/congratulations on your new hip cards in Easons or wherever, choosing a card with just the right message for other people, and genuinely appreciate a handmade card. I also had to make her present, which was a voucher that entitles the bearer to one (1) Micky Bubbles ticket since I don't have a printer that would have enabled me to simply print the feckin' Ticketmaster confirmation email.

And I made the envelope for said voucher. Oh, I'm fancy alright.

Anyway the upshot of all this make and do and having visitors was that it was very late last night when I spotted this tweet from Babaduck:

Turns out is a shortened URL linky to the Irish Blog Awards (not so) Shortlists... where Lyndar The Merciless has made the first cut for Best Personal Blog!


I'm beyond chuffed to be appearing in such illustrious company - famous and much-visited blogs of lovely ladies that I recognise immediately among the 25 "short"listees include Fatmammycat, who I have a bit of a girl crush on, Grannymar, and Sabrina Dent. And the impossibly gorgeous Blanaid is on there too. Eeeexcellent.

So again, a big thank you to whoever nominated me, to those who read this blog of tangents and meanderings, and to everyone who follows or subscribes to it or leaves comments to let me know you stopped by.

I'm off for a lie-down in a cool darkened room until the shock abates a bit.

The 2010 Irish Blog Awards take place on March 27th in Galway.



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