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An American Manicure Monday with Milani Hi-Res

Monday, October 11, 2010   |   4 comments

Milani Hi-Res was one of the sparkly purple nail polishes I brought home from America. I lusted after its holographic ways for months and then did a little jig in the aisle of Walgreens in Santa Barbara on finding it. (Seriously, like. Morto.)

While it applies nicely, is almost opaque in 2 coats, and wears well, it's a colour I'm just not 100% sure about.

And this is why.

Both these photos were taken indoors with no flash, away from direct sunlight, and make it look like what we're dealing with here is an old lady lavender shot through with irregularly shaped fine silver glitter bits.


However, moving into a shaft of warm October sunlight that was slanting across the kitchen floor (and annoying the dog in the process - he likes to catch those indoor rays while he gets his zzzs) things started to get interesting.

Oh hai, sparkly mauve holo magicness! There you are!


My poor 6-year-old camera couldn't actually cope with the rainbow reflection that was bouncing off Hi-Res when I ventured into the garden - this is the best pic I could get outdoors in sunlight:

That shot doesn't really do it justice, which is a shame, but hopefully you can see how the direct light makes it looks less like a glitter polish and more like one of the 3D effect holographic stickers you used to slap on your bike/pencil case/little sister's forehead as a kid.

What - that was just me?

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  • At 6:44 pm, October 11, 2010, Blogger fluff and fripperies said…

    Mmm...not sure about it either. Maybe you should remove it, try out the Zoya Mimi one you got Stateside, and sure you may as well review that too while you're at it ;)

  • At 6:50 pm, October 11, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Ha ha, I like your style missus!

    P.S. Hope eyes have recovered from earlier pic of sideways room, that should prob have come with a health warning ;)

  • At 7:15 pm, October 11, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have the silver Milani holo (nabbed in NYC, after searching many a Duane Reade and CVS) - it's definitely more holo-y than the purple one, but not near as holo-y as ones by China Glaze/Gosh/Nfu-Oh. Still, for $5, who's complaining? ;)

  • At 11:59 pm, October 13, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    newyorklady - sounds loverly!


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