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Sales fail.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010   |   3 comments

I'm on a bit of a self-imposed Internetz hiatus this Christmas - and frankly I'm a little disappointed to see that it hasn't collapsed in my absence - but I hope you've been enjoying the festive break!

Have you hit up the sales yet? Myself and Himself headed into Dublin town yesterday to check out what was on offer, so I thought I'd show you the loot from that epic trip.

(Brace yourself, Betty.)


Yes, that's right. With gift cards burning a hole in my wallet and every intention of bringing home a new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, I bought:

- a pair of black Topshop tights
- one of my everyday foundations
- a Topshop blusher
- a pair of River Island earrings

And no, none of them were actually flipping discounted.



  • At 12:39 pm, December 29, 2010, Blogger Eimear Nic an B said…

    Console yourself with the fact that you have made me feel a gazillion times better about not being able to afford to buy anything, it's nice to think that actually maybe there is nothing to buy anyhow!

  • At 12:48 pm, December 29, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The sales are ridiculous! I wanted to buy a camera and have been checking out lots of sites but all have same price as before Christmas. I spoke with one guy who said that they won't go on sale as they are effectively on sale all year round now. I am still working that out in my head.
    Couldn't believe Liffey Valley on Monday though - jam packed with people looking to spend.

  • At 1:11 pm, December 29, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Eimear - yep, you're really not missing anything!

    GFB - do you think it translates into "we're selling enough of them during the rest of the year to not have to bother our backsides with a sale", eh? ;)


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