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Talon-tastic Tuesday Double Bill

Tuesday, December 14, 2010   |   4 comments

Without further ado, here's that nail double-whammy I promised earlier!


It is ridiculous how many compliments this manicure has received. Straight blokes who haven't actually been trying their hand at nail varnish-related chat-up lines have commented on it. This is that random Tenerife glitter again with freehand leopard print that I drew on with a nail art pen, topped with Seche Vite. 

Today's its fifth full day in situ, so it's lasted really well. And even after a weekend in London and all the lugging of suitcases and bags that goes with that, there are just three damn near invisible chips to report!

Now, please excuse the quality of this next pic. And the hack of my cuticles in it.


I have a serious soft spot for Marc Jacobs. My Petal To The Metal pouchette (I managed to nab it in tan, thanks to a tip-off from Kirstie) is one of my absolute favourite things, and I have my eye on a lips print scarf. And, er, a larger Petal To The Metal bag (it's the birdies. I just can't get enough!)

MJ nails inspired by these by WAH

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