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Nails Of The Day: NINJANAILZ!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011   |   2 comments

This handful of miniature, super stealthy, ever watchful ninjas was inspired in part by The Daily Nail and in part by the gang of rogue Hassansins in the fillum Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time, which we watched on Sunday night. 

Lookit, Sunday was a slow night on the tellybox and actually, it wasn't that bad. 

The dude on my middle finger is clearly the ringleader, with his snazzy headband, and he and his covert crew are on a mission to take out bad manicures wherever they see them. 

Well, that's not strictly true. Mostly they're on a mission to sneak around tabletops or appear on Himself's shoulder demanding tea and say "hiii-ya!" a lot. Having these little characters on my nails has been loads of (very, very childish) fun.

This is an easy one to DIY. I used Barry M Peach Melba, which is absolutely gick on its own on my nails, for the flesh colour. You could use a pen or the end of a sewing pin for the eyes - see my guide to creating polka dots on for more deets

Oh, and keeping the black borderline under their eyes as straight as possible will make them look a bit more menacing, which obviously helps to ensure that demands for tea are met promptly and without the need for the ninjas to get nasty.

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