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Monday, February 06, 2012   |   2 comments

The look of disgust that crossed his face should have been my first clue, the fact that he actually physically recoiled should have given the game away, but it was only when he used my actual name that I knew things were really serious.

"Lynda. Those are bloody awful" Himself said loudly in the middle of Topshop as I delightedly introduced him to a pair of cropped navy polka-dot trousers that I reckoned were my passport to instant SS12 chic.

So of course I did what any good girlfriend would do.

I bought the man repeller trousers that look like they're coming down with a case of velvety measles.

As it happens, I haven't had occasion to wear them out of the house yet *shakes fist at snow* but I have been thinking hard about what I'll pair them with when I do!

None of these items represent a massive departure from my usual style - in fact, I own several of them already - and I sort of wish I could mix up my look a bit more in honour of the mad measle-y trews.

Any suggestions?



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