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Skirtgate: A cry for help

Wednesday, March 21, 2012   |   8 comments

A couple of weeks ago I bought this skirt in Oasis and I love it - pleated! Pastel! SO pretty! - but I suspect that I'm not really doing it justice when I wear it. Observe...

Yeah, I don't think Olivia Palermo is quaking in her Manolos with fear that I'm about to overtake her in the style stakes either. The worst thing is that I only really started to feel that this ensemble didn't hang well together when I went out.

That's right: I left the house and went out among other people looking like this today.

Donning my navy winter coat - beneath which a good 3" of skirt could be seen - surprisingly didn't improve things.

The skirt needs to be taken up so that it's not hitting me bang on the knee, where it makes me look (a) very strangely proportioned and (b) like my old Speech
& Drama teacher. Other than that, I'm not sure what to wear with it. I thought the black tights and the trainers would be a bit cooler than ballet/dolly flats and keep it from looking too prissy, but actually they just made me look slightly bonkers - and not in a good way - or like I'd gotten lost on my way to work in an office where I keep a stash of proper shoes under my desk. And while I like the colour of the lemon top with the skirt, I feel that there's something a bit too cotton-y and basic about it.

I'm way out of my jeans-loving depth on this one. Even Polyvore-ing my little heart out and creating virtual styleboards to try and see what I might put with it's not really helping. 

This is as far as I've gotten, which is not very far at all since I dress from the feet up but you can sort of see the directions I'm thinking of taking. I'm not sure whether to toughen it up with black and studs and chunkiness or play up its girliness and team it with silver (or, er, use it as an excuse to get shoes with skulls on them.)

I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have to help me style my skirt!

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  • At 8:35 pm, March 21, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Instead of trying to go funky with the shoes/tights, I'd do something cooler with the top. Maybe a bolder colored top, or something with a cool texture or fit, and then some simpler shoes. I think you're right for not wanting to make it look prissy, but I think the top is what will make it.

  • At 10:53 pm, March 21, 2012, Blogger Knight'sEclectic said…

    I agree, funk it up with the top and go for nude shoes x

  • At 6:24 pm, March 22, 2012, Anonymous Rose Eva said…

    First thing, moving to Manchester end of May so I love your blog! I'm new to blogging and it's nice to see shops you've talked about so I have some sort of idea of where I can go. :)

    Second, I think that skirt would look really cute with a graphic type tee like this-
    Or something similar from even a place like hot topic or target

    & then if you paired it with corresponding tights (yellow or even aqua) then those little skull flats would look pretty cute with it, I'd think. If it's chilly just throw on a cardi?

  • At 8:05 pm, March 22, 2012, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Ok so the consensus seems to be that a cool top will sort it out! I'll get on it (and maybe post an update if I'm feeling brave.) Thanks, Personal Style Council :D

    Rose Eva - that t-shirt is adorable. I love that the ice cream looks a bit cross! Are you moving from the States? How exciting, best of luck with it! I haven't properly been to Manchester (visited friends in the suburbs for about 5 minutes last summer) but I believe the shopping in the city is pretty epic.

  • At 9:57 pm, March 23, 2012, Blogger Rose Eva said…

    Yes, I think that shirt is so cute, although expensive (in my taste) but I was thinking, even a plain white tshirt with some pastel colored fabric paint and stamp (horse? cat? paisley floral-type thingy?) could be cool, too! And probably a lot cheaper, haha.

    Yep moving from the states, my husband is originally from Manchester and I have family in Birmingham so while I've visited before, I'm really excited to make the move there! It's so hot here right now (29 C).. I'm looking forward to chillier/even rainy weather.


  • At 11:41 pm, March 24, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love the skirt, I reckon you could jazz it up a bit with a blazer too without it being too cutesy, though I would totally go all girly on it!

  • At 7:23 pm, March 25, 2012, Blogger sarah gill said…

    I'm no help to you at all, I would probably team it with cream and gold and softy-softy textures on the whole. I'm such a girl!

    And the shopping in Manchester is epic. I've only been once but there is loads in it. Trafford centre and Arndale centre are both pretty big and have a good selection.

  • At 3:15 pm, March 30, 2012, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Rose Eva - love the DIY idea!

    Anon & sarah - oh I think going all-out girly would totally work with it (and I probably have more stuff in my wardrobe to take it in that direction than to go tough!)


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