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In which Talon-tastic Thursday spots a disturbing trend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012   |   2 comments

The blogosphere has been abuzz with excitement this week about Nail Inc's line of Nail Jewellery polishes, a quartet of glittery affairs set to launch in April. I'm a bit nonplussed by them, to be honest. The secret to classy glitter (honestly, there is such a thing!) is to use it sparingly, possibly layered over a neutral or dark base colour, and that's exactly how Nails Inc are marketing these new additions. And yes, I know the glitter's multi-sized but I still don't feel these are sufficiently unique to warrant my hard earned.

I'll be having a rummage in my glitter drawer (mortifyingly, there is such a thing) and keeping my €16.50/£11 tucked firmly into my Hello Kitty wallet, thankyouvermuch.

Anyway, while other people have been delighting in Nails Inc not reinventing the wheel, I've been noticing something very worrying indeed. (You may need to sit down for this.)

Actual nail jewellery appears to be making a comeback. 

The examples above were spotted in Miss Selfridge (left, £6.50/€9) and Topshop (right, £6.50/no Euro price available.) Like the current fascination with neon and tribal, I'm blaming the '90s for the resurgence of these abominations. (I'll know the timewarp is complete when I start seeing - shudder - nail piercings In Real Life.) I get that they're supposed to be street and cool and maybe a bit ghetto fabulous, but while I'm usually a more is more kind of girl the nail ring/piercing is one accessory too far for me.

Now this, on the other hand - this is nail jewellery done right. This, I would totally wear.

What do you think of this whole nail jewellery business? Love it? Loathe it? Let me know in a comment!

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