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NOTD: Two ways with Butter London Wallis

Wednesday, September 05, 2012   |   2 comments

Grab everything velvet, ornate, and a bit OTT in your wardrobe! Baroque is back for AW12 and to celebrate today I'm wearing Butter London Wallis, a piecey old gold that's an appropriately opulent way to tap into the trend. Described by the brand themselves as a tarnished metallic olive gold, the gold specks liberally scattered through the olive base have a subtle flaky rather than glittery quality and the overall effect is sumptuous and antiqued. This is a grown-up, decadent polish and I love the unabashedly not-trying-to-be-pretty colour.

I used two thin coats here, and it wasn't until it came to uploading these photos that I realised the direct sunlight had revealed a couple of bald spots; I find most Butter London polishes to be three coaters and it looks like Wallis is no exception.

The gold-in-green flakes lend the polish a textured, vaguely mossy look that I thought might play nicely with my Essence Matte Top Coat.

As you can see, the matte top coat really brings out the green undertones (and those pesky bald spots!) but it also gives the polish a soft, almost velvety look that's even more pronounced In Real Life. I still think I prefer it glossy, though.

Are you planning to rock Baroque this season?

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