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Oh, did I not mention I was going away?

Wednesday, September 05, 2012   |   0 comments

An organised blogger would probably have let everyone know she was off on holidays and no doubt would then have scheduled a load of posts to auto-publish while she was away, rather than seeming to disappear for a couple of weeks, but regular readers will know that I am not that kind of blogger. (I'd very much like to be that kind of blogger but unless I can squeeze a few more hours into every day or get hold of Hermione Granger's Time-Turner necklace, it's unlikely ever to happen.)

Himself had to go to the States with work (San Francisco one week, then Boston the next) and at the last minute I managed to tag along for the trip. Um, YAY! We spent a couple of days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, then a couple of days in Yellowstone National Park (I was on edge the whole time, waiting for the place to blow à la 2012) and finished up with a few days in and around Boston.

I am notorious for taking rubbish photos of stupid things when I'm away, but I thought I'd give you a goo at a couple of pics from this trip anyway. Brace yourself for the most random assortment of holiday snaps you're ever likely to see...

first glimpse of the Grand Tetons from the plane

rush hour, Jackson Hole

the closest we came to seeing a bear in Yellowstone

BOOM: Old Faithful geyser (those two almost imperceptible specks to its right are people!)

Grand Prismatic spring, Yellowstone

sunset over Beartooth Pass outside of Cody, Wyoming

super retro cinema ads at the Mendon Twin drive-in, Massachusetts

letting Irish :) breakfast tea brew at the Deluxe Town Diner, Watertown, MA

melting in the 33°C heat and crazy humidity in Salem

windswept en route to the Boston hahbah islands

my only big non-beauty purchase: a grey ombré shower curtain

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