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Mani Monday: James Bond nails

Monday, October 08, 2012   |   8 comments

I've got two takes on James Bond nail art to show you today, inspired by the 50th anniversary of Dr. No, the imminent release of Skyfall, the recent launch of a dedicated Bond channel on Sky Movies, and my doomed attempt on Saturday to go to an exhibition of costumes from the Bond franchise that finished last month.


Thumb - little finger: agent code name; the Bond martini (the motion lines show it's shaken, not stirred, you see); my attempt at recreating the gun barrel sequence from the opening credits; gooooldfinnngaaaaah with three coats OPI Goldeneye from the Skyfall collection; tux.

Set of tuxedos with a gooooldfinnngaaaaah accent nail. Click here for the guide to DIYing tux nails that I wrote for


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