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Mani Monday: DIY nail polish drawer dividers

Monday, February 11, 2013   |   0 comments

As some of you already know, I keep my polish stash in a white IKEA Helmer filing cabinet like this one. I love it - it holds SO. MANY. BOTTLES! - but the sheer number of polishes that can be accomodated in each drawer means it can be difficult to keep it looking organised.

So I love the solution that Jess at Laquerology came up with. She had her fella make these neat custom fit divider inserts using poster board, which is cheap and light and easy to work with.

For more photos and details of the how to, you can visit Jess's original post here. I think this is totally genius and I'm dying to do something similar myself, since it combines two of my very favourite things: nail polish AND organising. It's basically my dream project. The only way it could possibly be any better would be if it also involved lovely shoes - actually, I just might go all out and wear a particularly snazzy pair of sparkly heels for the duration. 

Job done!

image credits: 1. IKEA // The Dark Side Of Beauty via; 2. Laquerology

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