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NOTW: Kate Mink's elegant tips

Friday, March 01, 2013   |   7 comments

I have may-jor nail shape envy this week thanks to Kate Verling of Dublin nail emporium Mink. Kate has been busy swatching the new OPI EuroCentrale shades and I have been busy admiring her fabulously elegant nails. An exaggerated tapered shape with rounded, gently pointed tips, they're a wearable take on the so-hot-right-now stiletto trend.

This shape looks best on those with long nail beds and slender fingertips, and of course a decent length of nail to work with. If that's you and you fancy emulating the look, remember always to file nails from edges to centre and take care that the shape is even on both sides of the nail.

My own nails are sadly a bit on the short side to pull off this shape right now, but hopefully in a few weeks when my OPI Nail Envy trial is finito I'll be able to WERK IT!

images via Mink's Facebook page // shades are My Vampire is Buff & Eurso Euro

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