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Get bent: Inspiration for a curvaceous chair makeover

Tuesday, November 26, 2013   |   2 comments

Several weeks ago I acquired some new-to-me bentwood chairs to use around the dining table (and put the pair of pink plastic Tam Tam stools we had been perching on out of a job.) They were eBay finds and a bit of a steal, but they weren't exactly in tip top condition: some had been sloppily half-primed and the curved wood had cracked and split in places.

Still. I could see their potential. Their potential to look less like bits of broken junkyard crap and more like some of these lovelies.

After some DIY fixing upping and a lot of dithering in the paint aisles of Homebase last weekend, I'm now exactly half way through making over my bentwood beauts.

I think you might be surprised by the colour choice but, two chairs in, I can confidently say that they are going to be AWESOME.

images via: 1. sfgirlbybay // 2. sfgirlbybay // 3. restore // 4. the design files // 5. urbis magazine // 6. the interiors addict // 7. remodelista

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