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Wednesday, March 05, 2008   |   2 comments

I don't usually play Lotto. Unlike my Mam and Dad, I don't have numbers that I play religiously every week; unlike just about everyone I've ever worked with, I've never been in a syndicate in my life.

However, with €15 million up for grabs I will most definitely be playing tonight. Well, that's not entirely accurate - I'll most definitely be reminding Himself to do a line for me. I've spent the last couple of days thinking dreamily about what I would will do if when I win the moolah. It's a fun game and reminds me of being very small and sitting in the back of an Escort with my sister and an assortment of stuffed toys going to Galway on the Fambly summer holidays. [Every year, we were told us that we were allowed bring one teddy each; every year we smuggled all our cuddlies in with us. Well, if you left any at home sure wouldn't they just feel left out?]

The answers haven't changed all that much: I'd still be making the donation to charidee, sorting out the Fambly and friends and buying a right swanky house. I'd like to set up a business and not have to worry about being bankrupted if it went belly-up. I'd like to do lots of travelling and, well, there would be some shopping [would deffo treat meself to one big f*ck-off Tiffany sparkler, ta very much] and... aaaaand... jeez, €15 mill's a lot of cash. Better sleep on it.



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