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Day 3: Falling off the wagon. Ouch.

Thursday, September 25, 2008   |   8 comments

Lookit, it was bound to happen.

A leopard can't change it's spots. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. All that jazz.

Today, I was back in jeans... and a vest top and a cardigan also featured in the ensemble.

Sure it was only a matter of time: this is what happens when you own (counts on fingers... and toes...) more than 12 pairs. (Oops.)

But but but - in my defence, I also wore a dress, a scarf, a lovely pair of shoes in place of my omnipresent brown boots and a blingin' ring. So you see, y'honour, they were Dressed Up jeans and I really did make an effort. I was going to wear my skinny white jeans, so that at least I'd still be keeping away from the blue, but in a truly blonde moment I forgot that the dress would cover my arse and didn't have time to go rooting for the underwear I thought I'd need for them.

Dresses over trousers is Himself's pet hate, but at least this isn't a wrap dress which is what he seems to have a real problem with for some reason!

Attempting to break away from jeans... Day 3
* Dress, Chupi
* Jeans, 7 For All Mankind
* Sparkly cardi, Bershka
* Two-tone pashmina, present from Mam
* Lemon vest, just seen, present from Mam (have a lime one that I'd have preferred but of course it was in the wash)
* Old gold court shoes with bow detail, Dune
* Blingin' ring, Accessorize

Old gold shoes from Dune Bling bling Accessorize ring
Tell you what, it's becoming increasingly feckin' difficult to find a tidy corner of the house in which to take these pics!

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  • At 3:56 pm, September 26, 2008, Anonymous roxette said…

    Very sophistimacated missus.

    Now to sound like an ejit thats been living under a stone for the past while..........where can chupi be purchased? Is it a label or an actual shop??

    I promise im not turning into your blog stalker ;)

  • At 4:16 pm, September 26, 2008, Blogger Lyndar said…

    Tis a label Rox, it's this young Irish girl who does the cutest little dresses & skirts & things. Biggest range of the stuff is probably in Topshop on Stephen's Green, there's some bits in Se-Sí in Temple Bar; she also sells at The Loft Market on South William Street Fri-Sun & Cow's Lane Market in Temple Bar on Saturdays. I think some of her stuff will be available to buy online from November which will be cool.

    Bet you're sorry you asked now LOL!

    Oh and are you kidding, I am totally thrilled with your visits missus!

  • At 11:58 am, September 27, 2008, Anonymous Alehtea said…

    I just wanted to say that you have an amazng sense of style! Those pics of outfits are amazing-you have definitely inspired me to wear more dresses (even if it is only over jeans) :)

  • At 10:43 am, September 30, 2008, Blogger Kitty Cat said…

    Love these photos! Makes me feel guilty for living in jeans 24/7! I'm trying to get into the habit of wearing more skirts, but now that it's getting all winter-windy out my timing is dodgy as usual. Oh well. I'm on a mission now to find that Topshop bubble dress in blue. Now look what you've done!

  • At 1:09 am, October 02, 2008, Blogger Belle said…

    schmoking. ;)
    Lynnie, chupi is my friends cousin!
    the silohuetted (sp?) girl is my friend Cleo.
    Small world hey?
    Loved all your outfits so far. Not finding the fashion scene up to much in Hostraya. :(
    missing awear, and topshop and oasis...

  • At 6:20 pm, October 03, 2008, Blogger Lyndar said…

    @ Alehtea - aw, thank you so much for your visit & lovely comment! I'm blushing!

    @ KittyCat - mwah hah haaaaaah. I'm on commission for referrals ;) And yeh bit freezy at the moment for skirts 'n' stuff, like what are you s'posed to wear other than jeans when it's cold?!

    @ Belle - you're kidding!! Wow that is so ment-al, small world is right. Have to say I am really loving her stuff, great to see someone so young being so successful & nice to support a home-grown talent. Tis mad how you take all the shops here totally for granted til you go away, I was *exactly* the same in Chicago!!

  • At 10:55 am, October 07, 2008, Blogger Anne-Marie said…

    Wow Lynnie you get so dressed up for work!!! I used to but since I work in a small office I have stopped bothering!!!! I prefer to save my "nice" clothes for going out etc.

  • At 12:05 pm, October 07, 2008, Blogger Lyndar said…

    Yeh ams I think if I was in a smaller office/company or maybe working somewhere with more fellas I'd be much less inclined to play dress up!


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