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Opaque tights + sandals: Match made in heaven or recipe for disaster?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009   |   0 comments

Am having a total crisis of confidence this morning, brought on by today's choice of outfit (although I use the word "choice" very loosely indeed since it's really a collection of items that were (a) to hand, (b) clean, and (c) weather appropriate when I was getting dressed in a frantic "eek, I'm late!" rush earlier.)

The top half of things is a tried 'n' trusted combo, so it's grand: purple knee-length dress with slight bubble hem, scoop neck, and purple ribbon corsage/lemon vest top with lace & sequin trim/purple v-neck cardi with elbow-length sleeves/birdcage necklace/coral nails. Lovely jubbly.

Where things get a bit iffy is from the knees down: dark navy tights (less wintery and less severe than black and lovely with the purple of the dress)... aaaand brown/tan platform t-bar wedge sandals. With open sides and toes.

Last year's version of these River Island numbers, in fact:

Mine are almost identical, really; there's no plaiting at the front of my ankle strap and the toe part's a lot simpler, just two straps with some plait detailing that cross-cross at the bottom of the t-bar which is thicker.

Anyway, I actually quite like the look of coloured opaque tights with open toe shoes - on other people.

On me, well, I can't decide whether it looks fabulously retro '70s chic or just daft and nerdy!

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