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Yeh, yeh. It's another shoe post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009   |   0 comments

So I finally got around to trying on those tribal numbers from Topshop. The black and gold ones were loooovely, but ultimately common sense, the possibility of an impending lack of money (I'm thinking about taking a 2-year career break) and the weather prevailed.

I went to visit them last Thursday, which was just psychotic on the weather front in Dublin. It wasn't so much "sunny spells and scattered showers" - I may well have to put my foot through my radio the next time a Met Éireann head uses that phrase - as "glorious blasts of ah-there's-a-real-heat-in-it Mediterranean sunshine punctuated by sudden, torrential, thunderous downpours".

So on Friday, I swung by Penneys, on the lookout for a pair of Chanel-esque quilted cream ballet flats with black patent toe and string bow detail (admittedly, I don't even know if Penneys produce such articles) and instead picked up a pair of sensible (well, sensible-ish, they're walkable-innable) heels. They're black round-toe courts with an exposed platform and a terrifyingly high heel - and they're studded. And they only set me back €21.

Can I just say: swoon! Will take some pics later this evening and pop them up so y'all can appreciate the on-trend tough-but-glam not-too-pricey-for-the-CEC-and-possible-career-break fabulousity. For now, I'll just dreamily doodle them here on a scrap of paper and busy myself drawing little love-hearts around them.

*Happy sigh.*

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