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Monday, February 22, 2010   |   5 comments


Looking through the longlist of nominees for the 2010 Irish Blog Awards this morning and earmarking some new-to-me blogs for perusal at a later date, I noticed a familiar little website address in the Best Personal Blogs category.

This one!

While I don't expect to make the shortlist, I am absolutely chuffed that someone took the time and effort to nominate this little blog for the IBAs, the Oscars of the Irish blogging community. Thank you so much.

I've been to the Evint before, reprezentin' for at the 2009 and 2008 awards, where we picked up gongs for Best Beauty/Fashion Blog and Best Group Blog respectively (having scooped both Best Newcomer and Best Designed Blog in 2007) but it really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see my longstanding personal hobby of an effort listed, as well as spot the three nominations for Reminded me of the sensation
you might get after a particularly lovely cup of tae.

Or a late night should-really-have-headed-home-an-hour-ago shot of Sambuca.

If you're looking for some new online reads, why not take a trip through the nominees - congratulations to one and all. And big thanks to Damien The Blogfather and everyone who does such a great job organising the whole shebang every year, as well as to (deep breath) Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group, who are sponsoring Best Personal Blog.

I can haz Microsoft Surface now, yes?

The 2010 Irish Blog Awards take place on March 27th in Galway.



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