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In which Steve Jobs makes me cry a little.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010   |   4 comments

But of course Apple would launch iPhone 4.0 within 2 months of me buying the older version. I should have seen this coming: they came out with the iPod nano almost immediately after I got an iPod mini. 

I must really have ticked Steve Jobs off in a previous existance.

As you can tell from the pic above, the new iPhone will be available in white - properly white, I mean, with a white front as well as rear. GAH!!! The black on the front of my "white" 3GS is taunting me as I type this. 

It's apparently 24% thinner than the 3GS, and is flatter, too - it actually reminds me quite a lot of my old Sony Ericsson w890i, which I loved dearly. The camera's up to 5 megapixels from 3, with an LED flash added, and there's a front facing camera for video calling (meh.) 

Oh, and there's an extra mic, which might help to make the speaker function on the iPhone actually usable. 

No release date confirmed here yet, as far as I know, but in Steve's address it looked like 4.0 will be hitting these shores sometime in July. 

God. I really wish I'd dithered for a few more months and held off on my iPhone purchase until the summer.

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  • At 2:30 pm, June 11, 2010, Anonymous Annie said…

    Not to rub it in, but I'm actually delighted I held off, especially as it now has the camera flash about proper multi-tasking abilities. Well, when I say held off, I actually hadn't got a choice as I couldn't get out of my phone contract without costing me a fortune. It'll still be months before I can get one, but at least it'll be worth the wait. It's so pretty!

  • At 2:34 pm, June 11, 2010, Anonymous Annie said…

    Oh and I had that Sony phone too! *loved* that phone. When it broke (my own fault), I upgraded to a supposedly better Sony phone but that one was much better.

  • At 5:45 pm, June 14, 2010, Blogger Lynnie said…

    Annie, no ways! We're like phone twins, man. You were the first person I thought of when I heard they were bringing this new version out and how right you were - for whatever reason ;) - to hold off, lol!

  • At 6:06 pm, October 13, 2011, Blogger csdesigner said…

    OH I so feel your pain! As soon as I purchased my IPOD(that I had been pining away for forever)they came out with the video IPOD that had a color screen literally five days later. I thought I was going to pass out. They just came out with the 4s which I'm about to buy. So you know they'll come out with the 5 next month LOL!


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