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Talon-tastic Thursday: In the nude.

Friday, May 06, 2011   |   1 comments

I spent my nail painting time yesterday helping Himself shop for "business casual" clothes - we're still none the wiser about what that might actually mean - so Talon-tastic Thursday was put on hold until this morning. This week, I decided to DIY some Shellac for myself, going for the light white-pink Romantique shade for a change. 

Totally out of character, I know. I blame that Kate Middleton wan and the way her nudey nails might look at you. 

{outdoors, direct sunlight, no flash}

For anyone who hasn't heard about it before, CND Shellac is a salon treatment for natural nails that applies like polish but wears like gel, offering 14 days chip-free wear. It's cured under a UV lamp so there's no risk of accidentally ruining your new manicure as you try to fish your car keys out of your bag before the paint job's totally dry. It's priced, usually, at €35ish quid, but I've seen a few places offering it on special for €20-€25 recently. 

The only downside for me involves the removal process: because most salons charge to take off Shellac, I just MacGuyver some removal wraps with cotton pads, tin foil, and acetone to do the job myself. 

Since it's messy and takes quite a while, I reckon the other essential bit of kit for the task is a box set. 

Not long after my Shellac-ing, I happened upon a bottle of L.A. Colors Jewel Tone glitter polish (99p! Looks to me like a dead ringer for Models Own Disco Mix!) that I'd picked up in Westfield with Kirstie a couple of weeks ago. 

You can probably guess what happened next. 

{indoors, no flash}

Ahhhh, bling. Much better (although probably not business casual.) 

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  • At 8:42 pm, May 24, 2011, Blogger Chrissy said…

    I love Shellac, its my base before I do anything to my nails. I have all the stuff for it to my own UV light base coat, strawberry smoothy and top coat. Then I slap on the polish I want on top so I don't have to worry about chips from cheaper polishes. It helps me from breaking my nails all the time. :D


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