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Talon-tastic Thursday: Spot-tastic

Thursday, July 14, 2011   |   0 comments

There was a special offer on Revlon nail polishes in Boots a few weeks ago, so I picked up One Perfect Coral (pictured above; the clue's in the name) and Tropical Temptation (a pinkish light orange that does nothing for my skintone and looks quite like Chanel Orange Fizz in the bottle.) 

These are my first Revlon polishes, and I gotta be honest: I'm really not sure about them. The brushes are almost skinny enough to be stripers, which mean that it takes several strokes to cover the nail rather than the standard three. In addition, the formulation is kind of thin and they're inclined to go on very streakily.  

I was inspired to wear something reddish on my nails by this photo:

{Photo credit: Jenna Alcala for Matchbook Magazine}

Then, true to form, I got bored of the plain coral about three minutes after I applied it. 

Hey. I'm nothing if not consistent. 

I initially tried a mint accent nail on my ring finger to break it up a bit, keeping a coral half-moon at the base for a vintage-y look, but in the end just decided to channel the retro feel of the photo with randomly placed polka dots for a more coherent (in my eyes) end result. 

Remember, kids: dots are easy peasy to DIY with a ballpoint pen!

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