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The Steve Jobs post.

Thursday, October 06, 2011   |   3 comments

Despite feeling terribly sad when I read the news this morning, I wasn't going to say anything here about Steve Jobs' passing. Partly because I know that others have and will make a more eloquent job of it, and, well, partly because I'm not a Mac.

However, it's since occurred that my very first laptop - a turquoise clamshell iBook, the laptop I started writing on - was dreamed up by Steve Jobs. So was the first portable music player I bought myself - a pink iPod mini, purchased in the Chicago Apple store as a momento of my J1 summer in the city - which made the three-to-four hour daily commute to college and later to work bearable.

Steve Jobs was the man behind my first big Christmas present to Himself - a black iPod nano - and the first phone I owned that could really do more than phone calls and texts. I'm typing this on a MacBook Air. I'm thinking about bringing Himself's iPad to the hairdressers so that I can show them photos of the cut I want.

Of course, Steve Jobs did make me cry once, but I think for the day that's in it we can let that slide.

Like most people in the world who have been touched by his creations, his way of thinking, and and that speech at Stanford, I can honestly say that this brave, visionary man changed my life drastically and for the better.

So good night, Steve Jobs. And thank you for everything.

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