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NOTD: It's Chanel, darling

Tuesday, October 16, 2012   |   4 comments

I bought some little Chanel stickers on eBay ages ago but am only getting around to playing with them now - don't they look brilliant?! They're surprisingly brittle which makes them awkward to work with, and a couple actually broke as I tried to gently coax them into a curved shape to fit my nail bed. 

Oh, and of course I lost one that turned up in my hair an hour later. 

When I managed to find a few non-rogue stickers, I settled on doing some Chanel accent nails with gold borders inspired by this mani by Emerald Sparkled. I wanted to create a vintage look so I opted to use a dark green-black rather than true Chanel-appropriate black polish as my base colour. My idea for the other nails was for them to have an antiqued effect reminiscent of foxed mirrors.

The end effect is eye-catching and very, very opulent. I think it's the fanciest my fingers have ever felt!

Products used:
CND Stickey
Essie Stylenomics
OPI Goldeneye
Essence Make It Golden
Chanel stickers
Seche Vite top coat

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