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Manicure Monday: Feeling retro in monochrome

Monday, January 30, 2012   |   8 comments

My mam and my aunt came over from Ireland for a visit at the weekend, so it's been a pretty busy few days and I haven't had quite as much time as usual to arse around painting my nails. I stuck with my compliment-magnet tuxedo talons for as long as I could, but when the tuxes started to look a bit rough around the edges I slipped out of them and into something more comfortable (and quick to execute.)

Here's a quick pic of the tuxedos for anyone who didn't catch my tutorial on or the snaps of them on Twitter last week... 

... and here are the white-on-black polka dots I'm wearing right this very second. 

There's something really appealing about a simple polka dot pattern on nails, though I did surprise myself with my colour choices. Two back-to-back B&W manicures must mean that The Artist has had a bigger impact on me that I realised! Incidentally, I loved the film; Himself didn't and complained that the second half dragged.

Silly boy.

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