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Career break non-update

Tuesday, October 13, 2009   |   1 comments

No update on the start date for my career break yet, which is a bit unfortunate since I put down last Friday, October 09th, as my preferred date to finish up in work.

At least the home office in the spare room is coming along well.

Ahaaa ha ha ha haaaa.

It's not, of course; in fact it's still a complete tip with nary a hint to its intended future purpose. There is, however, a plan (and, I need hardly mention, a list) for its transformation. A former bedside locker will be getting a revamp to serve as a little filing cabinet. Originally a delightful melamine brown wood-effect yoke, I primed it over the weekend and it is now ready to be covered with hot pink paper with a modderin damask print and then kitted out with new hardware in the shape of crystal knobs from Avoca and some snazzy label holders.


I may also line the drawers à la Viv:

... but since they are likely to fill up with various accumulated crap fairly bleedin' rapid, making the bottoms of the drawers pretty might be a futile exercise.

Himself is to procure four IKEA Vika Fintorp legs for me today, which I'm intending to spray paint gloss white and cap with a gloss white desk top to channel Bespoke Press' gorgeous desk:

... and this home office by David Netto Design, which features a $499 Brocade Home console:

I still have to find a suitably cool yet comfy chair, but in fairness I have had more pressing office-y matters to consider.

Like, what will I use as a pen holder?

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  • At 4:53 pm, October 16, 2009, Blogger deisegirl said…

    Love that Penguin pen pot! I need to sort my computer desk out it's shocking, covered in the usual tat.

    I went to a shop called the Container Store in New York, is it really tragic that I would have happily filled my suitcase with storage bits and bobs?! I did get a gift wrap organiser home complete without one!


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