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Talon-tastic Thursday is a bit AWOL.

Thursday, January 20, 2011   |   0 comments

Apparently Virgin can't come to hook us up to telly and broadband any sooner than the 5th February (!), so for now I'm relying on Himself's iPad for all my blogging needs.

That means I can't, unfortunately, show you any of the manicures I've been sporting since moving to London: a black glitter gradient mani, fuchsia nails covered in rows of little white hearts, a teal creme paint job, and a grey with black half-moons at the base that I came up with one especially homesick day when the skies and buildings and footpaths here became one big concrete-coloured blur.

Anyway. Hopefully I can figure out a photo fix over the weekend and things can get back to being a little bit less all over the place shortly, but in the meantime did you know that my Marc Jacobs nails are now a little bit famous? Sophy Robson was kind enough to feature them on her blog (I had a lovely email from her on my birthday that absolutely made my day) as were WAH Nails, who had me blushing with all the nice things they had to say about me.

Thanks, you guys!

By the way, hello and welcome to my new followers - er, I promise that there are a lot more nail posts around here when I'm not in the middle of moving my life to another country ;)

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